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All these arrangements were done for in-school educational concerts for the Whirlwind Brass Trio. 


1.  Theme from Sesame Street

2.  America from West Side Story

3.  Mary Had a Little Lamb

4.  Mr. Curch's Toye

Brass Trio Arrangements

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  • Theme from Sesame Street

    This has been one of our standard concert openers for younger audiences.  It immediately grabs their attention and provides a perfect seque into how live concerts are different than hearing music on television.  


    America from West Side Story

    A great closer with audience participation; half of the room claps in two and then the other half, in three.  


    Mary Had a Little Lamb

    First time, buzz the tune.  Then play simple melody on instrument to see how the sound chagnes.  Third time breaks into a jazz trumpet feature and challenges audiences to describe how it was different the third time the tune was heard.  What elements make music sound "like jazz"?


    Mr. Church's Toy

    A Renaissance tune that is sure to delight and how a piccardy third makes the music change from sad to happy!

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